Are you tired of garage floor coatings that look bad almost as soon as they go down? Have you found that they bubble, go yellow, or get stained very quickly? These problems are common with epoxy coatings, but thankfully now there’s a better choice available.

Polyurea garage floor coating is tough, looks great, and lasts. We’re going to show you why in the polyurea vs epoxy battle, there is only one winner.

Read on for 5 reasons to choose polyurea garage floor coating over other materials. 

1. It’s Highly Waterproof

Garage floors take a lot of wear over the years. Vehicles, humans, animals, and the elements can all leave their mark on an epoxy surface.

A polyurea garage floor is literally impervious to water. Its chemical structure makes it completely waterproof.

It won’t absorb any water. Being submerged in water won’t break down a polyurea coating over time. 

This means that it’s suitable for use in the hot, humid summers of the Carolinas. 

2. It Won’t Go Yellow

A major benefit in the polyurea vs epoxy battle is that a polyurea garage floor will not go yellow in the sun. Epoxy resin is easily damaged by UV radiation in sunlight. It will go yellow over time.

Polyurea garage floor coating is simply not affected by UV rays and will look great for years. 

3. It Won’t Bubble

Ever experienced bubbles in your epoxy garage floor? These develop during its super long cure time. Polyurea is not prone to this problem.

That’s because it cures at an amazingly fast rate. Some formulations cure within 5 minutes! Rather than waiting days, you can drive on your garage floor 24 hours after the polyurea coating goes down.

4. It Is Incredibly Strong

Polyurea has amazing tensile strength. It also bonds very well to concrete surfaces. The result is a very strong final surface that resists scrapes and even stains.

This strength also makes it very resistant to changing atmospheric conditions. It does well when hot tires run over it. It also copes well during cold weather. 

In fact, it’s actually 20x stronger than epoxy

5. It’s Oil Resistant

If your car develops an oil leak it’s a drag in more ways than one. Not only do you have to spend time and money repairing the car, but it can also make a mess of the garage floor.

Polyurea garage floor coating is actually resistant to oil spills. No absorption occurs. They can simply be cleaned off the surface. 

This quality also makes it resistant to many other chemicals that you might use while working on your car or other projects. 

Order Your Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Today!

A polyurea garage floor coating won’t let you down. It’s super waterproof, strong, durable, flexible, and will last for up to 15 years. It won’t go yellow when exposed to the rays of the sun and it provides a safe, grippy surface.

Choose the best for your garage floor project. Choose Garage Force of Coastal Carolina. We have years of experience nationwide in laying high-quality polyurea garage floors that last and last.

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