For some homeowners, the garage is a crucial part of the home.

It’s a place to keep tidy and organized, making space for a vehicle or two. It’s a place for working, building, making. You might have your home gym set-up in the car to up the heat ante or do small mechanics jobs for your neighbors.

For these individuals—and even the homeowner who simply uses their garage to park—the garage deserves as much attention as the rest of the home. If your house is well-maintained, why not the garage, too? Plus, a well-done garage can even add value to your home should you ever choose to sell.

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait another minute to get floor coatings for this important space—and why Garage Force is your go-to.

Are Garage Floor Coatings Necessary? All Signs Point to Yes

When it comes to your garage, there’s only so much you can control and improve—like your organization of tools, use of space, or how dirty it is. One of the more essential things you should keep an eye on is the floor.

Simply put, garage floor coating preserves your space. Without it, your garage floor is exposed to the elements. For example, a concrete garage floor with no coating might absorb moisture and lead to cracks over time. 

A layer of polyurea or polyaspartic coating makes your garage easier to clean, resistant to all types of damage (from weather, spills, oil, wear and tear, etc.), and keeps it crack- and stain-free. It’s also an incredibly easy upgrade that takes a day, allowing you to get right back to work in no time. 

Here’s Why Garage Force Floor Coatings Are the Best

Often, when you look up garage floor coatings, you’ll notice a discussion about epoxy. Epoxy used to be a standard garage floor coating material but has been replaced by newer, stronger technology in the form of polyurea.

At Garage Force, we use several different types of coating systems proven to go and beyond. Choose from:

  • Full Chip, our most popular concrete coating
  • Medici, which comes with several options for decorative finishes
  • Metallic, a coating with a high-quality, glossy finish
  • Quartz, which provides a self-resistant texture perfect for workers
  • Solid Color, which comes in a variety of vibrant color finishes

This variety in coatings allows you to choose something perfect for your tastes, wants, and needs. 

Regardless of which type you choose, Garage Force products are:

  • Resistant to UV damage from sunlight, unlike epoxy
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Fast-curing, meaning there’s less time for pesky bubbles to form during the hardening process (something seen commonly with epoxy coatings)
  • Finished with a stain-, scrape-, and temperature-resistant layer
  • Resistant to many types of chemical corrosion

So, whether you want a sleek and shiny coat-of-many-colors or a grippy, textured floor—or something completely different—we’ve got your back. 

A Proud Homeowner Loves Their Garage

The garage is a haven—an extra room for making, parking, playing, entertaining, working, working out.

Protect your investment by considering garage floor coatings by Garage Force. If this article taught you anything, it’s that an uncoated floor can either result in costly damage like cracks or eyesores like oil stains or faded and inconsistent colors. A wrongly-coated floor might result in a bubbly surface that’s both inconvenient and not that visually pleasing.

Contact us today by clicking here. We look forward to helping you improve your garage from the ground up!