Is your garage floor showing its age? Concrete floors like the ones in most home garages are prone to cracks, chips, stains, and many other types of damage. They’re also difficult to care for, meaning they often go without maintenance for years at a time.

Thankfully, a polyurea coating can restore the life of your old garage floor and provide the reinforcement it needs to withstand more wear and tear. If you want to learn more about why polyurea is a good investment, read on to learn about four of its biggest benefits as a garage floor sealer.


Slips, trips, and falls are major safety hazards at home and in the workplace. Garages are particularly dangerous in this regard because concrete has little to no traction when it’s wet, dusty, or dirty.

A polyurea garage floor coating is slip-resistant, making it one of the best ways to prevent same-level falls. It’s easy to keep clean, dry, and free of tripping hazards. You’ll never have to worry again when getting out of your car on a rainy or snowy day.


Most garages are dingy and dirty, thanks in large part to how difficult it is to clean a concrete floor. This makes them impossible to use for anything other than car and equipment storage. But what if you could also use the garage to host a party or turn part of it into a home gym?

With polyurea garage flooring, making the space multipurpose is easy. Polyurea is fully customizable in a full range of colors and chip textures—you can even choose a metallic finish for a more luxurious feel. The result is a garage that feels less like a backyard shed and more like a versatile extension of your home.


If you’re looking for a floor that can take a beating, polyurea is the best garage floor coating, hands down.

Polyurea is twenty times stronger than epoxy, another common type of garage floor sealer. It’s also resistant to yellowing from UV light damage, salt, oil, grease, chemical corrosion, moisture, scrapes, dents, and extreme temperatures. It even protects against stains, a huge problem with uncoated concrete floors.

A polyurea coated floor will last you well over a decade with proper care, even if you use the space for a high-impact purpose like construction or exercise.


With all these other benefits, you might start to think that coating your garage floor is a lengthy endeavor. In reality, it doesn’t take months, weeks, or even days.

With the Full Chip System, for example, our experts can complete your floor coating in a single day. They’ll start by applying the polyurea basecoat, which cures in as little as 1-3 hours. This is a huge benefit over slow-curing epoxy coatings that tend to trap air bubbles inside.

Next, they’ll add a clear topcoat for slip protection, durability, and shine. Both layers will be solid enough to handle vehicle traffic within 24 hours of the topcoat application. You’ll be back inside your garage in no time.


It’s clear by now that investing in a polyurea garage floor coating is well worth it. You’ll be shocked at how much more versatile the space in your garage becomes once you have a floor that’s safe, durable, and far more attractive than bare concrete.

Garage Force of Coastal Carolina can install the custom polyurea floor coating of your dreams. Our team of experts offers free quotes and year-round application. If you think it’s high time to give your garage floor the upgrade it deserves, contact us online today to set up an appointment.